Ideas into action
28th July 2018
Its about a journey
16th August 2018

Sometimes, do what scares you

It would be lovely if life were just simple, whereby what we wanted could be achieved by simple means or the removal of stresses and worries could be overcome by a flick of a switch.  However, as most people know, things are not always that easy.  We have to go through the journey, learn from obstacles, and overcome what scares us to move ahead, you will then be able to know a little more about yourself so you can plan ahead.

Plain and simply, rather than hiding away from what scares you, redevelop your thoughts, confront what scares you without prior expectations of exactly how it should turn out, and let what unfolds appear for you with gratitude.

Don’t put yourself in a position whereby, you think of ‘what if’, instead enjoy and embrace the dare and do something that scares you once in a while.

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