Its about a journey
16th August 2018
Start by asking questions
6th November 2018

Setback – something that causes delay or stops progress

Setback – something that causes delay or stops progress

I will assume that in some way we have all had a setback of some sort in our lives, be it having the courage to asking that person out on a date or missing the train for that meeting.  The thing is that it has not been the end and we have been able to overcome what that setback was, whether it was with the help of some friends, a colleague or family member, we have pulled through.

In essence what I am saying is that even though we are confronted with obstacles once in a while, we are still able to push through, learn and educate ourselves either from the support as mentioned or simply by learning from experience, just the child did when they first started to walk.

The setbacks, although they can be annoying to you personally and sometimes funny to others (depending on who the others are), they can also be useful to help you understand and clarify what you are trying to achieve.  Have the courage to pick yourself up, dust off and keep going…have the willingness and honesty to ask for the help and support if you need and succeed on what you want.

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