In order to enable yourself to get the fullest of benefit, I offer 3 different packages.

Single Session

This single session provides you with 60 minutes of my time, either face to face in person or via Online via Skype.  Also referred to as the starter session.

Within the 60 minutes we will get to know each other a little more for the first quarter and then you will be provided with a structured approach to being able to build your own map of your outcome.   It will set a basis of your journey and give you that kick start feeling of being empowered and confident of your path.  You will end with a set of goals and actions that you can take away with you to pursue.

Multi Session

The multi session package includes 6 x 55 minute sessions.  It will include the starter session to get you going, yes that does mean you actually get 7 sessions.

The following sessions will include various methods of work ranging from Timelines, Goal Setting, Belief Strategy, as well as Outcomes.

Although I do work with each session being predetermined, each will be adopted for your requirements as life is not always plain sailing, waves do tend to hit against the sides.

The sessions will be devised in such a manner that they would be customised to your availability.

Destination Session

All of the above as well as 2 more sessions that enable you to progress further.  You will be finally equipped with a daily, weekly process as well as a monthly task to enable you to further enhance and encourage you to reach your outcomes.

Further information

If you would like to find out a little more of what we can do together to help achieve your goals and visions, feel free to send me an email or alternatively give me a call on 07710 769311