Use your imagination
10th April 2018
Imagination is more
18th April 2018

Plan your life, only you know what you want

How often do you wish for something for new to happen to you, or maybe wonder why is it that someone else got the promotion at work or even why is it that your neighbours seem to be doing so much better than you?

Well, have you ever thought that maybe just maybe, they worked for it, did the right things and yes you may think they were in the right place at the right time.  Well not everyone you see, (let’s face it judge), actually has had luck playing on their side.  Could it have been that they worked at it, I don’t mean about just working up the corporate ladder, but instead the mindset of being in charge of their own lives, and not letting others dictate what their choices were.

When you simply live in hope for an opportunity to just pop up, it will most likely not happen and you will end up watching life just pass you by, a day at a time.

Instead, build your own path, be in control of your focus, have integrity and build the energy to motivate yourself to move forward.  If by chance you are thinking that actually, I need help.  Well again that is a choice for you to make, you will have resources around, family, friends, work colleagues or even a coach (me).

Only you know what you want, how many times as a child were you sometimes told ‘you can’t do that‘ or ‘that won’t work‘?  I’m guessing a few times, but what if you actually tried, yes it may not have worked like you may have been advised, but you would never know for yourself until you gave it a try.  In the same – life, work, and family…only you can decide on your path and how you would like to see the unfolding of your dreams, yes you may come across some stumbling blocks, but have the ‘WANT’ will begin to give you the getup and go attitude.

Start by listing a few things on paper.

  • What change could make a difference you to?
  • What do you want to get out of yourself?
  • What type of plan can you put together to get there?
  • What are your key development areas?
  • What are the key milestones that could help?

Now once you have a few answers jotted down, think about what you could do now to get you started.  Once you start, you will see changes in yourself, the want will be present, the desire will be there, and as time progresses every so often keep looking back at your answers to keep you aligned to your journey, if you come across a setback, think of it as a development area and keep moving ahead with your life plan.

Just remember that you are in control of your life, and you can plan it out for yourself – Only you know what you want.


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