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8th June 2018
Don’t forget playtime
3rd July 2018

Listen & Observe

Sometimes you have to Listen & Observe

Whether you have hit a stumbling block or a situation that doesn’t suit you.

There are a couple of ways of thinking about listening and observing.  Either it is about being around people during a meeting or discussions where you want to be seen, learn to take on board what is actually being said and observe the characteristics of the people around you before you begin to speak.  Make sure you are on point and have developed the appropriate method of staying in tune with the topic to deliver your point across.  Remember the topic at hand and how meaningful your response will be heard and seen.  Notice how others are able to get their point across, are they slouched or sitting upright, are there any hand gestures that are providing support to what they are saying.  Model them so that you can practice new methods and see what works for you, allow yourself to develop new ways of taking on board what is being heard and seen around you.

Alternatively, if it is something you simply want to work on for yourself, learn to develop a better understanding how you are listening, what are the key points that enter your mind, where are those triggers coming from that create the non-helpful scenarios.  Allow yourself to be open to new ideas and model various ways of thinking so that you can have a broader spectrum of ideas and suggestions to help you grow.  What is it you want to get across and how will it benefit you, as well as add value.  Observe the tendencies you have, the way you sit, what are your core values, how will a new way of seeing provide benefit for you and how do your own judgements hinder your expectations as to what is the reality.  Keep an eye on your own physical presence and thought process, begin to learn new ways of observing and become a leader of yourself and learn from others around you.

Now whether you are listening and observing to make a better difference, don’t just notice what works…also look out for what doesn’t work to avoid those actions going forward, these are equally as important.  Remember that it not just what is being said and seen, it is how you interpret the conversations around you and within your mind from past experiences, learn and educate yourself with new ways of listening and observing to provide you with more clarity and presence.

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