Sometimes, do what scares you
12th August 2018
Setback – something that causes delay or stops progress
2nd October 2018

Its about a journey


Who hasn’t made a mistake?

  How many times throughout your childhood, have you had to reach for the eraser to correct a mistake?

  How often have you had to cross out a word or a line when you have been writing something down?

  How many times have you said to yourself, I should not have said that?

  Or how often have you thought, I wish I had done that differently?

Well, we’re all human, we are built to make mistakes, and we are definitely not perfect.  It is the gratitude of learning from those mistakes and obstacles in life that make us who we are, you are not always going to get everything right.  However, as long as you take on-board what has happened and develop a better understanding you should then be on a smoother path.

This is is not just about you individually, your own actions and how you could create a better map of your own world and how you see it.  It is also what you see of others.  Just as you have had the odd misfortune, so have others around you, the people you work with, the relationship you are in of the family you are in.  We are all human, and each one of us has our flaws.

Appreciate the flaws and learn to develop an honest and freer understanding way of thinking about what is occurring without any boundaries, open not only your eyes but also your thoughts, remove the negative and look for how things do work for you and the others around you and then create a path, embrace life and enjoy the journey with all the ups and downs.

Remeber life, is not about perfection, it is about a journey…

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