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20th June 2018
Ideas into action
28th July 2018

Don’t forget playtime

Ah the joys of that daily routine, get-up in the morning, maybe get the kids ready for school, pack lunches, doing the school taxi run and then rushing to get to work.  The day the entails, meetings, emails and probably more meetings…and no time to actually get your work done.  Then your day is over and its time for the end of day taxi run, picking the kids up from the afterschool clubs or childminders.  Once the week is over the weekend comes along and now its time to ensure the house is in order, food is in the house and the kids are entertained whilst you the chores completed.

Guess what, it all starts again, that same routine for another week.

But hang about where did your playtime go, just because you have a career and a family doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have a break and enjoy your life…bring some joy into your life and remember the playtime breaks, get these into your routine…make time for a bit of play to give yourself some freedom, so make sure life is not just work, work, work…Don’t forget playtime 🙂


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