Space from yourself
28th May 2018
What works for you
8th June 2018

Does it really matter?

How often have you been in a situation whereas a few moments later you have regretted the actions you took, or maybe a few days later or maybe when you have recalled a memory from the past.  What difference did your actions make, were you able to resolve the issue, or was it a challenging moment where you were slightly out of your own comfort zone, and yet you had to react to it – did it make a positive difference?

Ask yourself… and be true to what you are saying, be honest if you could have handled it differently, and the difference could have just been to not do anything.

Now think back again, if you were to use no energy at that moment, where else could you have used that purposefulness instead, what other wonders can you have dreamt of and pursued.

Often the situations that we are faced with, just need no energy to be used.  It is not the event that caused us to react the way we did but the belief we hold within ourselves, and only overtime are you able to realise that.  We have all been there sometime in our lives where we felt as if we had to get our mind involved, we should entertain the idea of dealing with a situation whilst knowing when we are not in the right frame of mind.  But really we have a choice of being self-aware of our mind, feelings and question ourselves, does it matter?

In most cases, you will realise that it doesn’t matter, and we just want to embrace the moment, live it, move on and enjoy life to its fullest.

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