Often people ask what coaching is and here at Change Reflection as the name suggests, you get shown how you can change the reflection of the person you see in the mirror.

With NLP skills and experience I help and guide you with your own thoughts of what you would like to achieve, and if you feel that there is nothing specific and you are in a place where you would like to know, well that’s not a problem – help and support will be provided to assist you to find what you want and desires are.

Who I work with

Individuals and groups that want to expand their lives for the better, whether it is personal growth or career development, I provide the surroundings to assist in fulfilling the goals and visions.  You will be dedicated and ambitious as well as be open to new ways of thinking and carry out processes for a better performing you.

What I do

I provide a flexible approach, tailored to a realistic time table.  I normally have between 6 to 8 sessions, from which will be able to see yourself getting closer to your goals and vision.

The coaching sessions normally run on a fortnightly basis but as with life and its unpredictability, these can be adjusted accordingly to fit the timeline that you may have planned.

Overall how much you get out of the coaching depends on how much you want to achieve, we will work in partnership to ensure that results are achieved.

Additional Services

Feed Forward, this is a method of coaching around your peers and stakeholders.  This is done with a group of people where I will facilitate and assist the parties concerned to develop a process to enable you all to be involved.  It not only allows you to develop your own resources but also knowledge from your peers, to further enhance your productivity as an individual and as a team.

This process will take approximately 12 months in duration, with monthly reviews as well as 360 interviews prior to the start of the process as well as interviews during to evaluate the progress being made.