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6th November 2018

Change your Expectations to Explorations…enjoy what unfolds

As time goes by, we as individuals or groups in various teams within a workforce, have a desire to achieve something that we have worked and planned for, hoping for the result to be what we want. However, this is not always the case.

The essence of expectations often can leave you feeling low, unworthy and not able to achieve. Even after a lot of study, practice and doing your best this thought of expecting a particular outcome can be a set back in your ability in learning a new skill when things don’t go as planned.

I recall various times as a school pupil, where we were taught to give things a try to see what happens, we had no specific expectation other than that to see what happens and explore the outcome with curiosity, openness and desire to expand our minds. This enabled us to explore and learn new ways of thinking, the sense of relaxing to what becomes and letting life unfold.

Each time you plan to expect an outcome and the results are not as expected, you can end up pushing to yourself into a situation of self-doubt.

So instead of being drawn to expecting, set your end results to an opportunity of exploration…so if you end up getting a slightly different result to what you are used to or thought would be, it becomes a new way of thinking. Thus allowing you to expand your mind for your ever-growing journey along life.

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