23rd January 2017

3 weeks into 2017

Already 3 weeks into 2017…have they flown by, what has happened in those weeks – anything? Does it feel like the time […]
22nd August 2016

Shopping Lists

The shopping lists, the list of items that you need for the house for your trip to the shops…be it food, clothing […]
20th March 2016


Perfection, being perfect, what is it…? How comes people often pick at the items that they are not so good at and […]
14th December 2015

Inspirational Mirror

I really do like this quote, very inspiring especially when we are in a position to help someone…that doesn’t just mean when […]
12th December 2015


Ever wonder how some people always seem to come across as always being positive, as well as the odd quote you may […]
15th November 2015

Thinking New or Old

I came across a quote the other day they simply resonated, something that I see and hear a lot.  The only thing […]
3rd September 2015


Just imagine yourself having that vision or dream of being something else.  But getting there just doesn’t seem real -well then there’s […]
23rd July 2015

New ways

Now here’s a thought. “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” – Benjamin Franklin
16th July 2015

Getting home

Ever wondered sometimes that if you took a different route home, such as catching up with a friend or popping into the […]
6th July 2015

Looking back

You can always look back and think of yourself at a situation and what you felt, but it’s until you actually see […]
2nd June 2015


“Ideas by themselves cannot produce change of being; your effort must go in the right direction, and one must correspond with the […]
12th May 2015

Past memories

When looking to the future, whilst imagining and dreaming of what you can become…just think of those achievements that helped along the […]