31st August 2017

Words #changereflection

30th August 2017

Wonder #changereflection

29th August 2017

Just be #changereflection

26th August 2017

Humour #changereflection

26th August 2017

Action #changereflection

25th August 2017

Power #changereflection

23rd August 2017


22nd August 2017


12th August 2017

The Road

Whether the road or path ahead is blurred or clear, you are able to make changes along the journey you take. When […]
2nd May 2017


Clarity – what is it to the average person…well here it is from the Oxford dictionary The quality of being coherent and […]
30th January 2017

Making Time

Time – something that isn’t physical or material and yet very valuable.  Often to referred to as never having enough or it […]
23rd January 2017

3 weeks into 2017

Already 3 weeks into 2017…have they flown by, what has happened in those weeks – anything? Does it feel like the time […]