28th September 2017

Get higher

Get to the higher state – what does it mean? Just imagine the so-called typical teenager scenario who knows everything, the one that […]
27th September 2017

Expand yourself

Keep heading in the direction you want, but sometimes, just sometimes deviate to see what else you can pick up along the way.
26th September 2017

Live and love life

You have a choice, once in a while just think about how you love your life…enjoy it – you only have one.
25th September 2017


So many of us just watch the world go by – often sitting there people watching, thinking what if that was me […]
24th September 2017


Enjoy the present moment and find what you enjoy now, rather than looking back for it.  As you do bring along more […]
22nd September 2017


Allow your mind to grow, open your eyes and ears allow yourself to take onboard what you enjoy, let it be fruitful […]
21st September 2017


Take a moment not just to think of your next move, make effort to keep control of your breath.   Whatever the situation […]
20th September 2017


As long as you have a goal in mind, well the time will not always matter.  Life can get in the way, […]
18th September 2017


Be random for a while, do something different from the norm…
14th September 2017


Once you allow yourself to open your eyes to what is out there, you will be able to see new ideas and options. […]
12th September 2017


Look back at what you did yesterday, how can you improve on what you already know.  Make the difference today… Have an […]
8th September 2017

Clarity #changereflection

Get your mind clear before you start something new…