17th October 2017


  Some of us have a tendency to want to make sure that the ideas that we have are sound and with […]
12th October 2017

Inner voice

Mmmm, that inner voice we all have.   It tells us what is right and wrong – When we are in a happy […]
10th October 2017


Wherever your journey leads you to and even whenever you start it, make sure it is an adventure.
7th October 2017

Don’t limit yourself

We all have beliefs, these are built from what we have learned as we travelled through life as a child, student and […]
5th October 2017


Why is it that we can always (generalised I know) put the blame on someone else or something else.  Telling ourselves, that […]
3rd October 2017

Just do

So we often hear the phrase give it a try, go on give it a go see what you think, or you […]
30th September 2017


Don’t just stand and watch the time go by, take a step into the unknown and do something different.  Take part in […]
29th September 2017

New Opportunities

When was the last time that you were able to recall or see yourself do something and you wished you had done […]
28th September 2017

Get higher

Get to the higher state – what does it mean? Just imagine the so-called typical teenager scenario who knows everything, the one that […]
27th September 2017

Expand yourself

Keep heading in the direction you want, but sometimes, just sometimes deviate to see what else you can pick up along the way.
26th September 2017

Live and love life

You have a choice, once in a while just think about how you love your life…enjoy it – you only have one.
25th September 2017


So many of us just watch the world go by – often sitting there people watching, thinking what if that was me […]