29th November 2017

Tune out

  We all get into that annoying position at times that causes us to be reactive rather than responsive to something that […]
28th November 2017

Learn to fail

I’m guessing we’ve all heard this phrase before time and time again, but how many times when you see, say or read […]
20th November 2017

Inside and out

In my view ‘we’, as the average person tends to take a look around and think that it is normal for something […]
14th November 2017

Improve with experience

  Take each day at a time, but make sure you allow yourself to reflect on yesterdays happenings and lessons. Make a […]
13th November 2017

The beginning

  Whether you are thinking of something new – a career change, a new course, an action in life, something you have […]
12th November 2017


  Why be the same, mix things up a little.  Do a bit of this and bit of that. Sometimes we get […]
7th November 2017


  When you’re not feeling so great look back at a few memories in life that made you smile. Now bring that […]
3rd November 2017


  I have had a number of clients that wish that they could rewind life and change things so that they could […]
2nd November 2017


  Keep growing your mind, let your map of the world evolve. From each day of your existence allow yourself to develop […]
31st October 2017

Just Be

  Sometimes we look at ourselves and see others around us, then aspire to be like them. Well instead, just be yourself, […]
26th October 2017


  FOCUS – the centre of interest or activity. Some clients often say that they have no focus, even when there are focused […]
18th October 2017


  If you have something in mind that you have wanted to do for a while, don’t just sit around thinking of […]