12th February 2018

Start building results

Just as it says, start building results. When you are in a dilemma of whether it is the right time to start […]
6th February 2018

Risk Learn Win

  Forget your worries and start to see things without judgement, give something new or old a chance, whether you succeed or not, […]
2nd February 2018

Create your own thoughts

  We can listen to others and then make judgement on what has been said, a lot of those decisions may stem […]
21st January 2018

Just be you, be yourself

  Just be you – You are unique in your own way and resourceful to make your own decisions and choices to become […]
15th January 2018

Make it Happen

Stop holding yourself back and focusing on ‘What If’.  Focus on the learnings and achievements however small they seem at times.  Engage […]
2nd January 2018

New Year, New Adventures

Well firstly Happy New Year to all, some of you may have some plans in mind for the new year.  Well rather […]
27th December 2017

Faith and value

  Recall your successes, find your inner switch, have some faith and then get on with the new adventures that are waiting […]
21st December 2017

Build Results

Expectations, well we all have been there, expecting something to happen. Plan your results effectively so that you have very limited surprises, […]
14th December 2017

Limiting beliefs

From the first moments we began to think for ourselves, we were using our beliefs and these were ever evolving to what […]
9th December 2017


Change begins with you, no point in trying to change others or even attempting to. We sometimes enter into the world of […]
1st December 2017


Give yourself the freedom to choose, ask yourself these questions – – What do I want? – What resources do I have […]
29th November 2017

Tune out

  We all get into that annoying position at times that causes us to be reactive rather than responsive to something that […]